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Love, honour and negotiate.
Alan Loy McGinnis
I like not only to be loved but to be told I am loved.
George Elliot
Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
H.L Mencken
The loving are the daring.
Bayard Taylor
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Renewal of Vows


You've decided to Renew your Wedding Vows! Stephanie believes a Renewal of Vows ceremony is a truly romantic and beautiful way to honour your original commitment. When Stephanie has the opportunity of assisting you in the planning at your Renewal ceremony she gives the planning and design her undivided attention. Allow Stephanie to discover more about your union and weave your unique story into an intimate and personalised ceremony that documents your lives and journey together.


Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony often has a similar format to a wedding ceremony minus the legalities. Stephanie says that although it cannot legally be a second wedding, the format can be similar to your original wedding. Styles of Renewal of Vows ceremonies vary from extravagant celebrations with family and friends to intimate ceremonies. Locations range from celebrating in the privacy of your own home, to hosting the ceremony in beautiful gardens or even using the beach as a glamorous back-drop. It can be just about the two of you or the ceremony can specifically incorporate friends and family (children and grand-children) in through the ceremony readings and rituals. There are special touches that can be woven through the ceremony chosen from sand ceremonies; rose ceremonies; hand-fastings; butterfly releases; warming of the rings and more. Contact Stephanie to make a booking.


Why couples renew their vows

Couples decide to renew their vows for many reasons such as celebrating a special anniversary (5th, 10th ,20th, 25th or 40th). Some choose to get married in front of family and friends after an elopement or an overseas wedding; others are commemorating their one year anniversary; or reaffirming bonds after a personal triumph or upheaval. Some couples choose to renew their vows spontaneously whilst on holiday.


Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony or Love Ceremony involves a heterosexual or same sex couple with a shared vision of a future together without the legalities of marriage. Ceremonies can be intimate focusing on just the two of you or more expansive by sharing the joy and excitement with your nearest and dearest. Whatever your plans, allow Stephanie to help create the perfect commitment for you and make it happen.


Types of Commitment Ceremonies

The style of traditional commitment ceremony can mimic a Wedding Ceremony format without the legal component. It includes a personalised Welcome and Introduction, Reading(s); The Asking; the Ring ceremony; Exchanges of vows; Declaration of the Union; the Kiss; Signing of the Certificate and lastly, the Presentation of the couple. You are welcome to use this format, change the order or devise your own combinations.

Your own style
Ceremonies can be designed to accommodate your taste and style. Whether you prefer your ceremony to be long or short; formal or informal; romantic or factual; spiritual or practical or humorous or serious, Stephanie Neal will help you plan and design it to your liking.

Couples may opt to create an original theme and alter the order of ceremony. Themes such as black and white, Carnivale, a specific decade, Country and Western and Futuristic are popular. Symbolic rituals are often used to compliment or highlight an aspect of a couple's lives. The choice is entirely yours. Stephanie will be happy to work with you to ensure that your wishes, individual stories and journey as a couple will be documented and carefully crafted into the ceremony.


Resources and wedding Industry specialists at your fingertips

Stephanie has samples of vows, readings and rituals to choose from which will lift and personalise a ceremony, making the right statement and reflecting individual style and personality. Stephanie has knowledge of local and well-regarded event stylists and service industry specialists for you to contact to help plan for the big day. Please speak to Stephanie about your ceremony needs.